Our bindery offers a variety of services including saddle-stitching and perfect binding. As a part of our full-service operation, we can stitch, bond or insert specialty advertisements into your project to ensure the most effective print solution.

With our versatile binding equipment, you are not limited by the format of your final product. By offering bindery solutions in-house, our customers maintain a high-quality, customized product while saving time otherwise spent on an outsourced solution.

Bindery Tips

  • Good bindery depends on good design.
  • Allow one-quarter inch bleed for images that bleed off the page.
  • Make sure your document size is your intended trim size. It is recommended to leave one-half inch of white space on all 4 sides of your pages. If your trim size is 8” x 10” the recommended image area would be 7” x 9”. No text should ever be less than one quarter inch from the trim.