Our prepress team uses a proactive, problem-solving approach and our energy is focused on the critical early stages to ensure the highest quality product. Our clients are able to submit their files to our soft-proofing system 24/7, which allows them to see a ripped proof, thereby eliminating any costly surprises when the job is live on press. All users are provided with a secure, personal log-in which ensures that the only people seeing your jobs are the people you want to see them.

Our prepress staff consults one-on-one and provides on-site training and software assessment whenever needed to ensure fast, clear communication between our team and your designers.

Prepress Tips

  • Acceptable File Formats
    • Our preferred file format is PDF with images and fonts embedded. Preferable in X1-a format.
    • We can accept files created in Adobe Creative Suites , however all native files must contain all graphics and fonts.
  • Acceptable Image Formats
    • TIFF (provide HiRes files only)
    • EPS (provide HiRes files only)
    • HiRes images must be saved in CMYK, bitmap or grayscale format.
  • Do not use hairline rules.
  • Do not trap files.
  • Bleeds require an additional one-quarter inch of image.
  • Document Sizes must equal final trim size of your product.
  • It is recommended to leave one-half inch of white space on all 4 sides of your pages. (If your trim size is 8” x 10” the recommended image area would be 7” x 9”). No text should ever be less than one quarter inch from the trim.