Mailing & Distribution Services - Woodward Printing Services



Woodward Printing Services has the ability to address and mail your finished printed projects at the lowest mailing rate available. With a United States Postal Service verification office within our facility, your printed projects can reach their intended destination sooner.

Our mailing capabilities are also available as a stand-alone service. Woodward Printing Services has over a decade of experience managing on-demand mailing projects. These include both warehousing and shipping, ensuring you convenience, low cost and fast receipt of your project.

Fulfillment Tips

To ensure maximum mailing power with minimum mailpiece waste, Woodward Printing uses BCC Software’s Mail Manager 2010. Mail Manager’s service helps you to reach any mailing’s optimal audience by flagging addresses that match undesirable criteria. Knowing which addresses to hold back lets you improve response rates, while cutting back on production overages and increasing overall profitability

Mailing Equipment List